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Cabinet Incubator

automatic cabinet incubator hatcher with multiple uses

Main Features

  • Incubator and hatcher all in one
  • Multiple uses for chicken eggs, quail eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, and pigeon eggs.
  • Easy operation by fully automatic control of egg turning, egg hatching
  • Well-controlled temperature, humidity, and ventilation by microcomputer controller
  • Alarm when temperature and humidity are low or over
  • Higher hatching rate
  • Holds 88-22528 chicken eggs (other eggs see details)

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Cabinet egg incubator for sale

A cabinet incubator is also called a commercial incubator, industrial incubator, large incubator, incubator and hatcher, etc. Poultry farmers can get high productivity and high efficiency by buying an automatic cabinet incubator to save your time and energy! It is easy to deal with instead of standing by a manual machine worrying about the over or low temperature.  

multi functional poultry incubators for various types birds

The cabinet incubator from FAMtech is a type of microcomputer full auto hatcher machine with core high-quality electrical components and control circuits. It is used to hatch eggs by simulating the natural hen hatching via control of the temperature, humidity, and ventilation. The working process of the machine contains incubation and hatching. During incubation, egg trays are turned at 45 degree to prevent embryo and shell adhesion, which is conducive to embryo development. The hatching process doesn’t need to do so. FAMtech also supplies other poultry farm equipment such as brooding cages, quail cages, etc.

Advantages of industrial incubator hatcher

samll size incubator hatcher
incubator for small scale farm
commerical incubator for large scale farm
incubator for large scale farm
commerical incubator for medium scale farm
incubator for medium scale farm
various types of egg turning trays
various types of egg turning trays
  • Incubator and hatcher combo                                     
    The egg setting and hatcher can be realized in one machine, which can save cost, time, and energy, and also improve the production efficiency for customers.
  • Multifunction                                      
    The incubator is equipped with egg-turning trays for various types of eggs such as chicken eggs, quail eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, and pigeon eggs. 
  • Wide range of capacity                                     
    The incubators are designed to suit any scale of farms from small ones to large ones.
  • Easy operation                                     
    The temperature, humidity, ventilation, and water supply are fully automatic. Alarms sound when over-temperature, over-humidity, low temperature and low humidity happen.
  • Better hatching rate                                     
    Thanks to the well-controlled system of temperature, humidity, ventilation, and water supply, the hatching rate is normally at 98%.

Details of microcomputer full auto hatcher

  • Dual power system

With the dual power system of coal and electricity, no worry if the electricity is out. Unnecessary loss is avoided.

  • Automatic water supply system

One side is connected to the bucket and the other side is connected to the water plate in the cabinet. Water is flowing to the plate by gravity. when the water is full the water valve floats and the filling automatically stops. 

  • Automatic egg turning system

A chain system is designed to be stable and durable with the scientific structure to evenly heat the breeding egg. The travel switch is accurately controlled to be coordinated with the heating and chain system.

  • Built-in temperature and humidity sensor

Real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity by imported sensor. Data is displayed on the controller and the alarm automatically sounds.

  • Color steel plate-made body

The body shell of the incubator is made of color steel plate which is strong, has better insulation, lower noise.

  • Real-time observation window

The observation window on the front door is convineint for the real-time observation of hatching process.

  • Heating system

Evenly distributed heating tubes can generate heat quickly and spread the heat through temperature fans.

  • Temperature fans

Temperature fans are working together with the heating system to guarantee the breeding eggs are uniformly heated.

  • Humidifying water tray

Humidifier plate can provide suitable humidity for the breeding eggs. The filling of water is automatic and will stops once it is full.

  • Circulating exhaust fans

Good ventilation to ensure air circulation and improve the hatching rate of breeding eggs.

  • Sealed door

The door has a seal made of extruded soft rubber material, which close the door tightly and windproof to keep a stable temperature in the cabinet.

Specification of commercial incubators

Small Scale Commercial Incubator Hatcher
 Capacity(Pcs per set)power(W)
No.Chicken eggDuck eggGoose eggPigeon eggQuail egg700
Medium Scale Commercial Incubator Hatcher
 Capacity(Pcs per set)power(W)
No.Chicken eggDuck eggGoose eggPigeon eggQuail egg700
Large Scale Commercial Incubator Hatcher
 Capacity(Pcs per set)power(W)
No.Chicken eggDuck eggGoose eggPigeon eggQuail egg700

Incubator Hatcher Accessories

egg turner for small incubators
egg turner for small cabinet incubator
plastic egg turning tray
plastic egg turning tray
incubator heating tube
incubator heating tube
incubator humifier
incubator temperature fans
temperature fans
humidity controller
humidity controller
incubator water basin
water basin
humidity controller probe
humidity sensor probe
incubator digital controllers
digital controllers

Why FAMtech

reliable cabinet incubator hatcher supplier

FAMtech specializes in fully automatic control incubators and hatchers which integrated research and development, production, sales, and service in one. Our factory has years of experience in the production of incubators and has accumulated advanced production technology. We can provide various types of incubators for domestic and foreign customers. The egg incubators are exported to South Africa, India, South Korea, Russia, Vietnam, India, Malaysia and other countries. Our good reputation and perfect after-sales service are highly recognized by customers at home and abroad.