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Automatic Chicken Feeding System

In the raising and management of poultry, the amount of labor consumed by feeding is very large. For example, a laying hen needs to be fed 100-120 grams of compound feed per day, and broiler chickens of 8-9 weeks old also need 120 grams of feed per day. A chicken farm that raises 5,000 laying hens needs to distribute 500-600 kilograms of compound feed every day, and the labor time for feeding alone accounts for more than 25% of the total feeding time. Using manual feeding is easy to spill the feed on the ground and cause waste. According to statistics, using an automatic feeder instead of manual feeding can generally save more than 15% of feed. More and more farmers choose  the automatic chicken feeding systems for the chicken cages

automatic chicken feeding machine for H type chicken cage

How does the automatic chicken feeding system work?

There are two rows of hoppers hanging on both sides of the automatic feeder, one for each layer of chicken coop. The lower part of the hopper is inclined, and the section is gradually reduced to form a feeding port, which extends into the trough and maintains a certain distance from the feeding trough. Feed is fed to the hopper by a feeder installed at one end of the house. When the hopper on the upper layer is full, it flows into the hopper on the next layer. After all the hoppers are full, the orbital feeder can be started to distribute feed to the troughs of each layer.

Requirements of chicken farms to use the system

  1. The chicken farm uses battery cage systems.
  2. The height of the chicken house is above2.6 meters.
  3. The total length of the chicken cages should be less than 100 meters.

Advantages of the autoamtic chicken feeder system

The automatic chicken feeder system is easy to operate and can highly improves the efficiency of chicken farm feeding. It saves the cost from the perspectives of labor, time, and feed. To be more specific, the design, the material, and the structure all contribute to the extraordinary performance.

  • A specially designed feeding homogenizer distribute the feed evenly. The chicken can get uniform amount of feed and is more likely to grow weight uniformly.
  • There is an inner edge of the feeding trough. It can prevent the chickens from spilling out the feed and avoid waste.
  • A residue collecter is placed at both end of the feeding trough. It can effectivley solve the residue prblem of the feed and eliminate the deterioration and eliminate the waste of feed.


Hopper Silo
Capacity: 50kgCapacity: 8T, 10T, 17T, 20T
Running speed: 8 m/minMaterial: 275g/m² hot-dip galvanized sheet
Motor: 0.75kw/row Multiple volume is available upon requrest
Material of feeding car and running track: Galvanized sheetAutomatic deflation function