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4 Tier H Type Broiler Cage Project In South Africa

This project is located in South Africa. The selected type of battery chicken cage is 4-tier H type broiler cage.  FAMtech provides an installation guide for the broiler cages and offers solutions for all the related poultry farming equipment. As to the chicken shed, we also help our client from the early stage of layout design and drawing to the end process of building. 

🐥Automatic drinking line consists of water tank, pipe, drinking cups.

🐥Automatic manure removal system mainly contains conveyor belt and transport machine.

🐥Automatic feeding with gantry type feeding machine. The pan feeder is used for1-3 days old chicks . Later, feeding trough is adopted. The conversion rate of feed is high.

4-tier H type broiler cage farm project

Feeding trough and feeding pipe

Overview of the chicken shed

Chicken manure removal system