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Layer Cage

layer cage for sale
  • Product:A type layer cage, H type layer cage
  • Application: laying hens of poultry farm
  • Material: Hot galvanized, cold galvanized (according to customers’ requirement)
  • Tiers: 3-8 tiers or more according to customer’s requirement
  • Lifespan: Last 20-30 years
  • Sales volume: Customers cover 80+ countries
  • Certificate: ISO9001, CE, SGS, SONCAP

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Product Overview

Layer cages are chicken cages specially designed for laying hens. After hatching out from the egg incubators, the baby chick is put into chick cage and then transferred to layer cage normally at 18 to 20 weeks, and will be raised there until 72 weeks. Like broiler cages and chick cages, FAMtech layer cages also provide laying hens with a healthy, clean and comfortable environment. The main differences between different chicken cages are the design and structure. The scientific design and strong built net wire enable laying hens to perform their highest production efficiency. 

Considering the needs of cage-free eggs, FAMtech also provides multi-tier aviary system and plastic slatted floor for laying hens in compliance with animal welfare regulations and standards.

Advantages of FAMtech layer cages for sale

advantages of layer cages for sale

  • Hot-dip zinc technology prevents rust and provides a long life span of 25 years or more.
  • The layer cage has good elasticity, no deformation, and no sagging for life.
  • Reasonable design of chicken layer cage prominently reduces the damage of eggs to under 0.2% and can effectively reduce chicken fatigue.
  • Enough space for each chicken, easy access to feed and water.
  • Less mortality, less disease.
  • The egg production rate is higher thanks to the high feed conversion rate.
  • Both A type and H type layer cages are available to meet different requirements of livestock farmers.
  • Full supply of poultry farm equipment including automatic chicken feeding system, automatic drinking system, poultry manure removal system, poultry ventilation systems, automatic egg collecting machine.

A type chicken layer cage

The A type layer cage is a very popular type of chicken cage in the market at a relatively cheap price. It is more suitable for poultry houses with birds under 25000. It can also realize automatic feeding, automatic drinking, automatic manure cleaning, automatic egg picking, automatic environmental control, etc. The A type layer cage from FAMtech can be manufactured with cold galvanized or hot galvanized. Go to the A type chicken cage and see what’s the differences between the two processes.

A type chicken layer cage 1

A type layer cage farm project

A type chicken layer cage 2

A type layer cage product sample

Advantage of FAMtech A type layer cage

advantages of FamTECH A type layer cage

  • Hot-dip galvanizing can enhance corrosion resistance.
  • Better ventilation and more suitable to use in the open and semi-open environment.
  • Low investment and high rearing density.
  • Reasonable height and easy to operate.

Specification of A type layer cage

TypeCapacityCage size (cm)Cell sizeCell capacityDoorAverage area (cm2
A type 3 tiers90 birds/set195*230*15039*41*413 birds/cell5 doors533
A type 3 tiers96 birds/set172*230*15043*41*414 birds/cell4 doors440.7
A type 3 tiers120 birds/set195*230*15037*41*414 birds/cel5 doors399.75
A type 3 tier120 birds/set215*230*15043*41*414 birds/cell4 doors440.75
A type 4 tiers120 birds/set195*230*15039*41*413 birds/cell5 doors533
A type 4 tiers128 birds/set172*230*15043*41*414 birds/cell4 doors440.75
A type 4 tiers160 birds/set195*230*15037*41*414 birds/cell5 doors399.75
A type 4 tiers160 birds/set215*230*15043*41*414 birds/cell4 doors440.75

H type chicken layer cage

H type chicken layer cage is suitable for large-scale chicken farms. It is recommended for poultry farms rearing over 25000 birds. As a typical battery cage, H type chicken cage is well accepted by more and more livestock farms. The vertically stacked cages save more floor space, increase rearing number, reduce cost in manpower and management and eventually bring considerable profit for chicken growers.

H type chicken layer cage 1

Small stacked H type layer cage

H type chicken layer cage 2

Advanced European H type layer cage

Advantage of FAMtech H type layer cage



  • The whole cage adopts hot-dip galvanizing which provides an excellent rust-proof effect.
  • Strengthened structure by using more frames as body supporting, advanced drawing process for the net wire.
  • The bearing capacity is strong and the service life is 25 years or more.
  • The spacing between the upper and lower layers of cage nets is 65cm. It gives layers much better ventilation and lighting.
  • A moderate rearing number of each cell comfort laying hens and increase egg production.
  • Scientific 8° gentle slope of egg rolling and sturdy egg tray hold the eggs steady. The egg broken rate is reduced as low as possible.
  • A baffle is added at the front of the egg tray to avoid egg-eating.
  • Sliding cage door with easy and large opening make chicken catching much easier.
  • Small stacked type and Advanced European type offer customers more options considering the number of hens, the area of poultry house, the starting investment, etc.

Specification of H type layer cage

TypeModelTiersCell sizeSet sizeCapacityBirds/cellArea/bird(cm2)Cage
Small StackedH3L1203450*500*4101800*1000*220012054504 doors/side
Small StackedH4L1604450*500*4101800*1000*280016054504 doors/side
New StackedH3L1443450*600*4101800*1200*214014464944 doors/side
New StackedH4L1924450*600*4101800*1200*279019264944 doors/side
New StackedH5L2405450*600*4101800*1200*344024064944 doors/side
New StackedH6L2886450*600*4101800*1200*409028864944 doors/side
Advanced EuropeanH3L543650*625*500650*1250*2200549451.381 door/side
Advanced EuropeanH4L724650*625*500650*1250*2850729451.381 door/side
Advanced EuropeanH5L905650*625*500650*1250*3500909451.381 door/side
Advanced EuropeanH6L108(3+3)6650*625*500650*1250*41501089451.381 door/side
Advanced EuropeanH8L144(4+4)8650*625*500650*1250*62001449451.381 door/side

layer cage-layout drawing of layer chicken house

drawing of Advanced European H type Layer Cage


Automatic poultry farm equipment

layer cage-automatic drinking system

automatic drinking equipment

layer cage-automatic feeding machine

automatic feeding equipment

layer cage-automatic manure cleaning

autoamtic manure removal equipment

poultry manure removal system-outdoor conveyor belt.jpeg

outside conveyor belt for manure cleaning

layer cage-ventilation system-exhaust fan

ventilation system-exhaust fan

layer cage-cooling equipment-wet curtain

cooling equipment-wet curtain


Who are we?

We are based in Zhengzhou, Henan, China. The history of our company dates back to 1991. We offer poultry cages (chicken layer cages, broiler cages, chick cages, breeding cages, quail cages, etc. battery cages) and poultry farm equipment (automatic chicken feeding, drinking, manure removal system, environmental control system).

Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

We are manufacturer located in Taikang industrial Zone, Zhoukou city, Henan Province.

Sales address: Room1103, 11F, Lande Centre, Huayuan Road, Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China

Which cage should I pick for my poultry farm?

Kindly tell us your chicken house size and the chicken numbers you plan to raise. We will design the layout for free and suggest the most suitable model of chicken cages.

Could you tell me the detail of the cage? 

Contact us freely by giving us a call or through Whats App or just sending an email.

How to install the cage?

We can provide the installation guide or send engineers on-site upon your request.

How much per set cage?

The models and sizes of different chicken cages are not the same. The price is varied. Kindly tell us the numbers of chickens you plan to rear. We will offer the price list and size of the chicken house design. The other poultry farm equipment you may also need will be listed too.

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