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Quail Cage

Quail cages for sale
  • Product: A type quail cage, H type quail cage
  • Quail cage price: $ 85- $ 165/set 
  • Application:  Quail breeding, egg production
  • Material: Stainless steel, low carbon steel wire ( Q235 )
  • Surface treatment: Electric galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized, and PVC coated
  • Capacity:  250-800 quails/set
  • Lifespan: Last 15-20 years  
  • Certificate: ISO9001, CE, SGS, SONCAP

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Quail Cages For Sale

Quail has the characteristics of fast growth, early maturity, high production of eggs, and fast slaughtering speed. No matter quails for egg-laying or meat purposes, 40 to 50 days can mature and start producing products. The meat-type can reach 220 grams at the age of 42 days and consume only 700 grams of feed. The egg-type can lay about 270 eggs a year, with a total weight of 3000 grams, 20 times its body weight. 

Using quail cages to breed quail covers a small area which is only about half of the chicken house holding the same number of birds. Even large-scale quail farms occupy much less land and premises than other poultry. Due to the use of battery cage equipment in the house and the high stocking density, the construction, facilities and capital investment are much lower than other poultry. The requirements for labor are not very high, and heavy physical labor is not required. In addition, domestic quail has strong adaptability and disease resistance, and the expenditure on medicines for epidemic prevention is also very small. 

Commercial quail cage is generally divided into quail brooder cages and quail cages for egg production. FAMtech offers A type and H type quail cages to meet the demands of small-scale farms and large-scale farms.

Quail cages for small to medium scale farms

A type quail cage and Simple H type quail cage are designed for small to medium-scale quail farms. They have the characteristics of small land space occupied, easy installation and operation, and lower cost.

  • A Type: The manure removal is cheaper since there is only one scrapper machine needed to clean the litter in the ditch.
  • Simple H Type: The manure drops directly on the board below the cage of each tier.
  • The feeding equipment can be either a trough or a box made of plastic which is cost-saving.
  • The water pipes and cups cost less than the drinking nipples of the Advanced H type quail cage.
  • The egg collection is mainly done by manual workers.
A type one side quail cage        
A type two sides quail cage       
A type quail cage (6 tiers-one side)
2 nests/tiers, 12 nests/set
650x1200x170mm/nest25-34 quails / nest
1300x1200x170mm/tiers50-68 quails/tiers
1300x1200x1550mm/set300-400 quails/set
A type quail cage (6 tiers-two sides)
4 nest/tiers, 24 nest/set
650x1100x170mm/nest30-50 quails / nest
1300x2200x170mm/tier120-134 quails/tiers
1300x2200x1550mm/set720-800 quails/set
simple h type quail cage 5 tier   
simple h type quail cage farm  
Simple H Type quail cage: 5 tiers- 10 nestsSimple H Type quail cage: 6 tiers- 12 nests
2 nests/tiers, 10 nests/set2 nests/tiers, 12 nests/set
650x680x200mm/nest25-30 quails / nest650x680x200mm/nest29-34 quails / nest
1330x680x200mm/tier50-60 quails/tier1330x680x200mm/tier58-68 quails/tier
1330x680x1200mm/set250-300 quails/set1330x680x1500mm/set350-400 quails/set

Quail cages for large scale farms

The Advanced H type quail cage is designed to serve farms of large scale. It can keep more quails than other types of quail cages and realize the fully automatic control of breeding. The early investment may cost more but the later ROI is also higher.

The quail battery cage system is fully automatic. The associated equipment mainly includes an automatic feeding system, an automatic egg collection system, a cleaning system, a climate control system, a sanitizing spray, and an audible alarm system. All this equipment help improve the management efficiency and save labor and time. If you need the egg incubation equipment, we also supply cabinet incubators for hatching quail eggs.

  • The relatively higher initial investment. 
  • The high degree of automation.
  • Labor and time-saving.
  • Easy management. 
  • High egg production rate. 
  • Efficient egg collection.
  • Easier and thorough manure cleaning.
  • A cleaner environment.      

Automatic drinking for quail cages

Automatic drinking for quails

Automatic feeding for quail cages

Automatic feeding for quails

Durable egg collecting belt for quail cages

Durable egg collecting belt

Automatic egg collecting for quail cages

Automatic egg collecting
Advanced H type quail cage

Benefits of automatic commercial quail cage

  • Strong structure: high compression resistance, high drop resistance, long service life.
  • Automatic feeding: feeding evenly, walking smoothly, saving electricity, less waste of feed. 
  • Watering: There is a V-shaped water pipe under the square water pipe to prevent water from leaking and dripping onto the manure belt. 
  • Egg tray belt: Absorb the vibration of quail eggs during transmission, reduce breakage rate, and keep quail eggs clean. 
  • Automatic egg collection: The egg collection line transports the quail eggs from each row of quail cages to the front end of the quail house. 

Accessories for commercial quail cage

commercial quail cage accessories-net


commercial quail cage accessories-drinker and sand cup

Sand cup & drinker

commercial quail cage accessories-feeder


commercial quail cage accessories-water pipe

Water pipe

commercial quail cage accessories-litter-dropping-board

Litter dropping board

commercial quail cage accessories-automatic-feeder

Automatic feeder