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Egg Collecting Machine

The egg collecting machine is poultry equipment that can collect the eggs from laying hens in battery cages quickly and simply. It is wise to use the egg collecting machine on medium to a large scale poultry farm. The automation level of the machine is high, it greatly saves labor and time and lowers the cost for the farmer in return. The operation is easy, the eggs are handled in a gentle way which can reduce the egg broken rate. What's more, the spread of bacteria is avoided. All these factors lead to a satisfactory result for the chicken farmers.

FAmtech automatic chicken egg collector introduced advanced European technology. It is suitable for both A type chicken cages and H type chicken cages. Both the longitudinal and lateral types are available.

Automatic egg collecting system

picking device of the egg collecting machine

egg belt

Main parts of the Automatic chicken egg collector

The automatic egg collection system includes the egg belt, a guiding device, an egg pick-up device, a lead-out device, a buffer device, a conveying device, a sprocket, and a long drop chain. 

  • The egg belt is mounted on the egg trough stretched out of the chicken cage. It is made of Polypropylene yarn that features corrosion-resistant and antibacterial. The belt does not absorb water and is stable in hot weather. So it can be cleaned with water directly. All these features ensure a long service life for the belt. 
  • The guiding device gently receives the egg from the belt and smoothly sends them to the egg picking device. The egg picking device is full of paralleled claws that can hold the eggs from each tier of the battery cages. The eggs are held steady and unloaded to the manual processing platform connected to the vertical picker or dropped to the conveying chain safely. 
  • The conveying chain is horizontally placed in front of the egg picking device. After the eggs drop on it, the chain constantly transfers the eggs to the egg rooms. The conveying chain can change running directions such as corners and adapt to inclination. There is no crash and no second-time egg broken.

Advantages of FAMtech egg collecting machine 

Low egg broken rate

The non-slip design with the specially designed automatic egg-picking helps reduce the egg broken rate as low as 0.3%.

High efficiency 

The eggs are transferred from the conveying system to either the head of the chicken house or directly sent to the egg rooms by a central collecting system.

Durable and stable

All the materials have high quality and are long-lasting.

Easy operating 

The signs on the distribution box are concise and easy to understand, and the operation is simple. Just start the equipment and start the egg collection operation of the whole chicken house.


Reduce labor intensity and reduce labor costs. Greatly improve the efficiency of poultry farming.