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Pan Feeding System

The pan feeding system is composed of a hopper, a conveyor tube, an auger, several pan feeders, a suspension lifting device, a driving motor, and a feed sensor, etc. parts. The main function of the system is conveying the feed from the hopper to each pan feeder for chickens. The automatic operation of the system is realized by the feeding level sensor to control the work or stop of the motor. 

FAMtech has been supplying the automatic chicken feeding system for more than 20 years. The automatic control box is equipped with a feed sensor at the inlet which greatly improves the conveying accuracy. The whole feeding pan system is automatic and runs smoothly. Each feed pan is filled efficiently to make sure the chicken gets food instantly. 

Features of FAMtech pan feeders for poultry

  • highly automated can save labor and cost.
  • PP(Polypropylene) material, firm and durable, corrosion resistance, long service life.
  • The V-shaped feed pan can decrease the surplus of feed to ensure the freshness of food.
  • The edge of the feed pan is slanted towards the middle to avoid spilled feed causing waste.
  • Adjustable of feeding height to satisfy the needs of different stages of the chicken growth.
  • A smooth inward sloping outer edge prevents crop damage and provides comfort eating for chicken.

Component of poultry pan feeding system

MotorTaiwan brand   
Protection class: IP55   
Power: 0.75kw/1.1kw   
Rate voltage: 380v/220v/110v three phase/single phase frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
SensorImported from Germany or made in China
Spiral conveyorDiameter: 36mm   
Imported from South Africa   
High carbon manganese steel
Vice hopperSize: 60 60/80 80   
Material: hot-dip galvanized sheet
FeederDiameter: 330mm   
Material: PP   
Grids: 14/16   
Feeding quantity: 40-50 chickens per pan
PulleyMaterial: cast iron    
Diameter: 9cm
WinchMaterial: cast iron   
Steel wire ropeDiameter of rope: 5mm, 3mm, 1.5mm
Delivery pipeFeed pipe: 3/4 holes per 3m   
Diameter: 45mm   
Material: galvanized sheet with coating 275g/m2   
Thickness: 1.2mm
Control boxControl pan feeding system

Details of the automatic pan feeding system


feed pan

pan feeding system project

pan feeding system installation