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Poultry Manure Removal System

Poultry manure removal system is working with the drinking system, feeding system, climate control system to form a complete assembly line of chicken farms. As long as you raise chicken, it is a must-have not only for the environmental considerations but also for the health of chickens. Whether the chicken cages or the associated equipment all serve for better growing of chickens after all. 

poultry manure cleaning system

Automatic manure removal system for battery cages

For A type battery cages, it is only one deck of manure conveyor belts mounted on the bottom of the cage. For H type battery cages, each tier is equipped with one manure conveyor belt for transferring the manure outside of the chicken houses. By using the manure conveyor belt and manure scraper, an automatic manure removal system has been built. The working process may seem easy to understand and not need much technical support, but it mustn’t break down since this job is everyday work. 

manure cleaning for A type battery cage

manure cleaning for A type battery cage


automatic manure removal system for H type battery cage

Advantages of FAMtech automatic manure removal system

Many farmers may think that cleaning chicken manure is a very painful and tiring thing. In fact, the automated equipment for poultry farms makes manure cleaning much easier. The automatic manure removal machine produced by FAMtech International Co., Ltd. can complete the manure removal work by simply pressing the button. It greatly saves manpower, and at the same time reduces the harm to the human body and chickens caused by untreated chicken manure. Our company also produces automatic egg collecting machines and egg tray machines.
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • A low error rate of the working process.
  • The manure is cleaned timely and efficiently.
  • Conveyor belt type manure removal and scraper type manure removal are both provided.
  • The living condition of chickens is improved thus the disease is less.

Working principle of the automatic manure removal system

The system of manure removal mainly consists of the manure scraper, conveyor belt, and elevating belt end transfer. The poultry manure conveyor belt can be divided into two parts. One is connected to the belt under cages above floors and the other is placed in the cross direction below the ground. This kind of design can avoid unwanted manure drops on clean floors.