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Pullet Cages

pullet cages for sale

  • Product: A type pullet cage, H type pullet cages
  • Tiers: 3-5 tiers or more according to customer’s requirement
  • Material: Hot galvanized, cold galvanized
  • Application: young hen before laying
  • Lifespan: Last 20-30 years
  • Sales volume: Customers cover 80+ countries
  • Certificate: ISO9001, CE, SGS, SONCAP

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Product Overview

A pullet is a young hen, especially one less than one-year-old, and has not started laying eggs yet. As a typical type of chicken cage, pullet cages can hold pullets from the chick stage to the grown stage for about 90-100 days and then transferred to layer cages to lay eggs. The pullets must get careful breeding to be ready for the later egg production. The better the pullets grow, the higher the egg production rate. As a result, chicken farmers can achieve an ideal ROI.      


A type pullet cage


H type pullet cage

A Type Pullet Cage

A type pullet cage is suitable for chicken farms that rearing birds less than 25000. Compare to H type pullet cage, it is a more economic choice. The manure removal system can be manually operated to save cost. The feeding machine also has multiple choices to lower the cost.    

A type pullet cages for sale    
Cage door        
The cage door is loaded with spring and easy to open and closed tightly. Observing and catching is easy, chicken run or head stuck is avoided.        
Bottom Net        
There is a plastic net placed on each cage to provide comfort standing and eliminate chest disease.        
Feeding & drinking        
Gantry type and traveling hopper type automatic feeding systems reduce waste.        
360 ° nipple drinker and drip-proof cup save water waste and provide clean water for the chicken all the time.        
The water pipe can be moved up and down by a hand-operated rod. This makes pullets easy to drink at all growing stages.        
Manure Cleaning        
Clients can choose to use a scrapper machine or belt conveyor to deal with the manure. A ditch is needed when using the scrapper machine.

Specification Of A Type Pullet Cages

ProductA Type Pullet Cages 
ApplicationPoultry Farming
Warranty of core components 1 Year
Accessorieswater tank, nipple drinker, leg support, frame, water pipe
Surface treatmentCold Glavanized, Hot Glavanized
Capacity126 / 168 /210 Birds
Cage Size1830*2300*1500cm
Cell size61*50*37cm
Tiers3/4/5 tiers

H Type Pullet Cage

H type chicken cage can raise more pullets than the A type chicken cage. It is especially welcomed by the farmers who have limited construction space for the chicken house. The associated poultry farming equipment must be automatic to guarantee the high efficiency of large-scale chicken breeding.

H type pullet cage for sale

Corrosion-resistant material is adopted to the whole cage. The hot galvanized process extends the service life up to 30 years.    
Cage door    
The sliding-type door is extremely convenient to open.    
The adjustable feeding baffle is placed to fit pullets at the early or later stage.    
The feet pedal comforts the feet of pullets when eating.    
The height of the drinking line is easy to adjust to provide uninterrupted water for pullets.    
Manure removal    
Automatic manure removal system is adopted to solve the environment problem.

Specification Of H Type Pullet Cages 

TypeCapacityCage size (cm)Cell size Cell capacityDoorarea/bird (cm2)
H type 3 tiers7285*125*22085*62.5*4312 birds/cell1442.7
H type 4 tiers9685*125*28585*62.5*4312 birds/cell1442.7