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Pigeon Cage

pigeon cages for sale
  • Product: pigeon breeding cage
  • Material: low carbon steel wire ( Q235 )
  • Application: pigeon breeding
  • Surface treatment: hot-dipped galvanized, cold galvanized
  • Lifespan: Last 15-20 years
  • Sales volume: Customers cover 80+ countries
  • Capacity:  12 pairs (3-tier), 16 pairs (4-tier)

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Pigeon Cages For Sale

FAMtech Pigeon cages are welded by low carbon steel cold wire drawing. It has the features of being strong and durable, convenient for application, space-saving, easy to clean, disease-resistant, etc. It is suitable for breeding pigeons on poultry farms. The complete equipment includes the feeder, drinker, sand cup, egg nest, etc. accessories. FAMtech can also supply chicken cages, quail cages, rabbit cages, etc. poultry cages to meet customers’ demands.

Features of FAMtech pigeon cage

  • The pigeon cage is simple and durable. The spacious cage does not affect the pigeon’s activities. 
  • An automatic drinking water system can be installed. The whole mesh is smooth. 
  • The bottom mesh is dense to prevent pigeons from being injured and foot infections. It effectively reduces fatigue syndrome. The mesh is galvanized to improve the service life of the pigeon cage. 
  • The vertically stacked pigeon cage is easy to manage, saves space, and effectively prevents infectious diseases. 
  • The cage door is strengthened and can prevent pigeons to escape. A manure collecting board can be placed to keep a clean environment.

pigeon cage size

The most common size of pigeon cages is 3-tier and 4-tier. The layout can be adjusted appropriately according to the size of the site. It can be built as a single-layer or multi-layer pigeon cage. Special requirements can be customized. 

3-tier pigeon cage

4-tier pigeon cage

3 tier 12 cell

Each cell can raise one pair of pigeons. A 3-tier cage can hold 12 pairs of pigeons. 

4 tier 16 cell

Each cell can raise one pair of pigeons. A 4-tier cage can hold 16 pairs of pigeons.

Type3 tiers 4 doors4 tiers 4 doors
Capacity12 pigeons16 pigeons
Full set size2m*0.55m*1.7m2m*0.55m*1.8m
Cell size50cm*55cm*50cm50cm*55cm*40cm

Accessories for pigeon breeder cage

Egg  nest


sand cup

drinking bowl

Egg nest 

Material: brand new polyethylene. Designed with holes around, good air permeability, convenient and affordable. 

Function: Give pigeons a comfortable space to lay their eggs. It can accommodate 2-3 pigeons at a time. 


Material: White natural mature plastic with strong extrusion resistance. 

Function: Save feed and avoid waste. 

Sand cup 

The hook type is easy to use, easy to install, and most importantly, the price is favorable. 

Drinking bowl 

Made of high-quality raw materials by injection molding, never crack. Automatically supplement of water once the bowl is empty.