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Modern poultry equipment company in China

Poultry farming is a pillar industry in animal husbandry in China. The poultry equipment is modernized and developed automatically to meet the large-scale intensive operations. There are many types of poultries popular on the market such as chicken, duck, turkey, quail, pigeon, etc. Eggs and meat from poultry farming are important sources of protein both domestically and abroad. 

chicken cage poultry equipment supplied

Reliable poultry equipment supplier 

FAMtech manufactures and supplies poultry equipment to give customers worldwide more options when starting or expanding a poultry farm. 

Chicken cage systems 

  • Battery cages for chickens, ducks, quails, pigeons, rabbits. Take chicken cages for example, you can use different types of chicken cages to raise the chicken at any growing stage. Chicken cages for layers, broilers, chicks, and breeders are designed with distinct features to fit the physical character and special feeding needs respectively. 
  • Silos and augers, feeders, water pipes, and drinkers for the feeding of poultries. The design and installation are based on the actual condition of the farm. 
  • Egg collecting system for laying hens. 
  • Lighting systems for closed-type chicken houses. 
  • Chicken manure removal system to keep a clean environment and reduce poultry infection. 
  • Cooling and ventilation system for closed-type poultry shed. 

Cage-free housing system

cage-free poultry equipment supplier

 All necessary poultry equipment needed in the deep litter system and slatted floor system are supplied. 

  • The pan-feeding system is composed of a hopper, a conveyor tube, an auger, several pan feeders, a suspension lifting device, a driving motor, a feed sensor, etc. parts. 
  • Plastic slatted floor high-impact, wear-resistant polypropylene plastic provides a sturdy and comfortable surface for the poultry to walk freely on.

How to choose poultry equipment for your farm?

Poultry equipment and facilities play a vital role in the success of poultry farms. Properly designed and maintained facilities and appropriate equipment are essential to bird health, welfare, and productivity. Here are several factors that affect the poultry equipment needed for a chicken farm. 

1. Number of poultry raising 

At a relatively low cost, the A type layer cage is one of the most often-used varieties of chicken cages available. It works well in poultry houses with fewer than 25,000 birds. FamTECH manufactures the A type layer cage in both hot and cold galvanized finishes. Cold galvanized Less expensive, smoother surface, and a shorter lifespan of roughly 12 years. First choice for African clients! Hot galvanized More expensive than cold-galvanized, but they last longer. Southeast Asian countries and other humid places welcome it because of its potent anti-rust and anti-corrosion qualities. 

Large-scale chicken farms can benefit from the use of H type chicken cages. For poultry farms raising more than 25,000 birds, it is advised. In the end, the vertically stacked cages provide substantial profits for chicken producers by increasing capacity, conserving more floor area, lowering labor and administrative costs, and so on. 

2. Space of the farm 

Some new starters for poultry farming may have ready-to-use land but have no idea of how many poultry can be placed. At this time, FAMtech can give suggestions based on the size the customer gives. The poultry equipment list and the capacity of chicken cages or other kinds of facilities are provided. Customers will get a clear picture of the future configuration of the farms. 

3. Weather conditions and environment 

To build an open-type or semi-open type or closed type of poultry house is not only a matter of economic consideration but also a real temperature and ventilation-affected choice. 

closed and open type poultry house

4. Cost-effective considerations 

FAMtech helps our clients start a poultry farming business with careful planning and design of the equipment and poultry house built. The final goal is to realize minimum cost and maximum profit. Unnecessary accessories will be eliminated while efficiency upgrading facilities are highly recommended. 

Why choose poultry equipment from FAMtech? 

poultry equipment supplier
  • 30 years of manufacturing and supplying experience outperforms many other companies. Our business combines design, manufacturing, sales, R&D, and after-sale services. 
  • The poultry cages have passed ISO9001, CE, GS, etc. certificates. The quality is premium, the service life is longer than low-quality products. 
  • We have helped hundreds of clients get a well-managed poultry farm with easy operating, time and labor-saving, feed-saving, space-saving, automatic drinking, feeding, manure cleaning, and perfect environmental control. 
  • We offer direct factory prices and have skilled container packing saves the growing ocean freight. 
  • We are confident in the wide range of our products. You can buy chicken cages for layers, broilers, and brooders, and buy other poultry cages such as rabbit cages, quail cages, pigeon cages, and duck cages. Also, you can get essential poultry farm equipment including an egg collecting machine, feeding, and drinking system, manure cleaning system, ventilation and cooling system, and lighting system. The customization service can meet demands from small-size to large-size farm owners.