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H Type Layer Cage Project In Southeast Asia

This project is located in Thailand which has a tropical monsoon climate. The average temperature throughout the year is 22 ℃ to 27℃. The client has a chicken house with the size of 112*11*4 meters(L*W*H). We design a 3 rows 4 tiers H type layer cage system. The total raising number is over 34000 layers. Project of this scale is better to use automatic systems including the automatic feeding system, automatic drinking system, automatic egg collection system, automatic manure removal system, automatic climate control system.


H-Type-Layer-Cage-Project-In- Southeast -Asia-1.jpg
Egg Collecting Machine For H type layer cage installed 
Layer-Cage-Project-In- Southeast -Asia-2.jpg
Egg Collecting Machine On Test
Layer-Cage-Project-In- Southeast -Asia-3.jpg
H type layer cage installed in  Southeast Asia 
Layer-Cage-Project-In- Southeast -Asia-4.jpg
H type layer cage system running in Southeast Asia