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Climate Control System

Why should you use the ventilation system?



The climate control system is necessary for chicken cages installed in closed type house with large scale. Due to the influence of factors such as the respiration, excretion, and decomposition of organic matter in the chicken house, the content of nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide has a large difference from normal air. In addition, harmful substances such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, methane, hydroxyl, amino, thiol, butanol, skatole, etc. are also added. These harmful substances have a direct toxic effect on people and chickens, especially chickens, which have a high respiration rate and a large amount of ventilation. If the chicken house is poorly ventilated, the sanitation in the house is not good, the concentration of harmful gases will exceed the standard. As a result, it will damage the health of the chicken, affect productivity, also make the staff feel uncomfortable, and reduce work efficiency. Appropriate ventilation configuration can exclude the exhaust gas, achieve the target temperature and humidity, optimize air quality and static pressure, save cost on the ventilation, and temperature control.

Main components of the chicken house climate control system

The main poultry farm equipment needed for the environment control system is a barn exhaust fan, cooling pad, air inlet, and automatic controller.

  • The ventilation fan provides fresh air for birds in the chicken cages. It is also called a barn exhaust fan which can get rid of the harmful gas content in the chicken house. At the same time, the humidity in the chicken house is controlled. 
  • The cooling pads use the principle of evaporation to cool down the inlet fresh air.
  • The air inlet is flexibly opened or closed according to the temperature change of different seasons to support the ventilation system.
  • The automatic controller is helping set and monitor the temperature, humidity, pressure, harmful gas, etc., parameters. 

When the winter temperature is low, only a few exhaust fans and air inlet are opened, the cooling pads and windshield are closed. The fresh air flows into the chicken house and exhausts from the ventilation fans. During the summer seasons, open all of the exhaust fans and cooling pads while keeping the air inlet closed. The fresh air enters the chicken house from the cooling pads and is discharged by the fan.

Barn Exhaust Fan


  • MaterialGalvanized steel sheet body with an automatic open-close frontal shutter and 6 stainless steel blades.
  • Size: 1380 x 1380 x 400 mm
  • Motor: Three-phase, 380V, 50HZ, 1.1KW
  • Capacity:  40800 m3/h at 0 Pa / 38000 m3/h at (-13 Pa)

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Working principle of barn exhaust fan

The barn exhaust fan FamTECH produces is a kind of negative pressure fan. It is a new type of ventilation equipment, which belongs to the axial flow fan. The outer frame of the fan is made of galvanized sheet material. The working principle is to use negative pressure ventilation to achieve the purpose of air circulation, ventilation, and cooling. When starting to work, the large fan blades rotate, the indoor dirty, high temperature, and sultry air is quickly drawn out of the outdoor. At the same time, a huge pressure difference is formed between the indoor and outdoor air. After the indoor air becomes thinner, a negative pressure area is formed. The outdoor fresh air flows into the room due to the natural compensation of the air pressure difference.

Poultry Cooling Pad


In the negative pressure ventilation cooling mode, the exhaust fan is used to draw away the dirty and hot air in the room, and the cooling pad installed opposite the negative pressure fan is used for air intake. When the fresh hot air passes through the wetted holes in the cooling pads, it exchanges heat with the water and is filtered and cooled.

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Features of poultry cooling pad

  • High water absorption, high water resistance, mildew prevention, corrosion resistance, long service life. 
  • The evaporation of the product is larger than the surface, and the cooling efficiency is good. The product contains a surfactant, which naturally absorbs water and spreads quickly. A drop of water can be diffused in 4~5 seconds, and the natural water absorption height is 60~70mm/5min; when 200mm/1.5.
  • The product is economical and applicable and a variety of frame sizes are offered.

Advantages of FamTECH climate control system

Use the Internet of Things technology to realize intelligent control of the exhaust fans, cooling pads, air inlets, curtains, and other environmental control equipment and remote monitoring of equipment operation status for farmers.

  • Real-time remote monitoring of temperature, humidity, ammonia, carbon dioxide, and other data in the farm
  • Real-time intelligent early warning of the abnormal farm environment, abnormal equipment operation, and power failure. 

The design of the system fully considers the ease of operation and user operation experience. The use of graphical elements and visual configuration greatly reduces the user's operation difficulty and provides a complete set of efficient environmental control management solutions for the breeding process to achieve efficient breeding. Effectively improve the efficiency of production management, save production costs, and increase the economic benefits of breeding.