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Multi-Tier Aviary System

Aviary housing or aviary system is a type of multi-tier cage-free housing system mainly designed for laying hens in large-scale chicken farming. Like the plastic slatted floor, aviary housing can meet the natural habits of laying hens. Compared to battery cage systems, aviary housing provides laying hens with more options such as freedom of movement, perching, nesting, dust bathing, foraging, and social interaction. Being free of performing their nature, laying hens tend to stay healthy and are more productive

aviary housing system for layers

Europe banned using chicken cages in 2012. It is not surprising that aviary poultry systems originated in Europe to meet the demand for cage-free eggs. After years of practicing and improvement, a typical aviary house today is usually multi-tiered with a bottom level, a nest level, and a top level.

Aviary system benefits for chickens

The aviary housing system has been proven to bring various benefits such as healthier laying hens, more productive hens, and more eggs produced. FAMtech aviary systems are designed according to the different breeds and different feeding stages. Special attention is paid to creating a comfortable environment where laying hens have less stress, and enough space to behave their natural characters.

aviary poultry system advantages
  • Multi-tier design                
    For one thing, Hens can move vertically and horizontally. For another, it effectively avoids bird congregating and hot spot generating. Without clustering, the ventilation and climate are better.
  • Multiple perches               
    Hens enjoy walking on perches during the day at different heights and sleep at higher levels which reduces stress and promotes better sleep.
  • Reduce aggressive behavior              
    Cage-free chickens tend to have less aggressive pecking, chasing, fighting, bullying, feeding, or water guard.
  • Open design              
    Open aviaries allow laying hens to walk, run, and fly freely not only on perches but also scratch on litter floors.
  • Automatic feeding              
    Central controlled chain type precise feeding line ensures chickens get fed at any time easily and improves feeding efficiency.
  • Nipple drinker              
    Each tier is equipped with nipple drinkers, offering chicken easy access to water. The limited water supply results in less spilling.
  • Manure cleaning              
    The bottom tier and the top tier are equipped with a manure-collecting belt under the wire platform. The manures are cleaned by automatic machines outside the chicken house.
  • Automatic egg collecting              
    After hens lay eggs, the convey belt transfers the eggs automatically. The eggs are collected by an automatic collecting machine.
  • Sloped wire deck              
    The sloped design of each tier is conducive for the collecting of mislaid eggs which can roll down to the egg collection area.

Aviary system benefits for farmers

aviary system benifits for farmers
  • High stocking density             
    More hens can be housed due to the maximum use of vertical space from the multi-tiered designs.
  • Increased egg production             
    Hens in the aviary system have less stress and are more productive, which brings more revenue for farmers.
  • High egg quality             
    Hens are laying eggs in defined nests, reducing the number of dirty and damaged eggs.
  • Easy management             
    Automatic feeding, watering, and egg collection systems reduce manual labor. The open design makes the monitoring of flock health and behavior easier.
  • Operational benefits             
    Manure belts and removal systems can improve air quality and reduce disease risk. Lower disease rates can save costs and improve flock health. 
  • Nipple drinker              
    Each tier is equipped with nipple drinkers, offering chicken easy access to water. The limited water supply results in less spilling.
  • Welfare and compliance             
    The Aviary housing system is beneficial to animal welfare and has a positive public perception to avoid legal issues.
  • Environmental benefit             
    Chickens move in a much larger space is conducive to the natural decomposition and absorption of manures which reduces the pollution to the environment.
  • Long-term sustainalility             
    Healthier productive hens contribute to sustainability by reducing the need for frequent replacement of flocks.

Why FAMtech?

  • Animal welfare compliance            
    Compliance with EU regulations and standards on laying hen housing, feeding, transport, and handling.
  • Competitive price            
    The price of our aviary system is competitive not only in China but also in Europe, Southeast Asia, etc. regions.
  • Efficient solution            
    With an average of 6.2 laying hens per square meter designed, the capacity will be increased by 12%.
  • Fewer floor eggs            
    The number of eggs laid outside the nest is less by using our aviary system, with statistics showing lower than 1.5%.
  • Higher egg quality            
    Cleaner and high-quality eggs due to satisfied hens from sufficient free space, water and feeding, LED lighting, nesting area, and manure isolation.
  • Longer service life            
    Robust materials for the construction of all systems ensure longevity and reduce repair problems.
  • Full service            
    Integrated services including the aviary system design, manufacture, installation guidance, staff training, system operating and maintenance support.

Recent aviary housing project

An aviary system for laying hens was successfully exported to the Netherlands in 2023. The aviary housing system was designed and constructed strictly following the local animal welfare regulations and standards. 

layer aviary system
layer aviary system successfully installed
aviary built-in nest box for laying hens
layer aviary system with built-in nest box
aviary system for chicken barn
chicken barn using aviary system
aviary system feed bins
silos for feed supply

FAMtech is committed to offering efficient solutions covering cage or non-cage housing systems, auxiliary equipment, and poultry house design. We are dedicated to providing products and services beyond customer expectations. Our comprehensive products serve not only chickens but also for other poultries such as rabbits, and quails.