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Broiler Chicken Cages Design

Broiler cages are designed for meat production chickens from day one old to the harvest day (usually 45 days). It is also widely referred to as the 45 days chicken cage in the Philippines.

The broiler cage system includes a cage body, cage frame, feeders, automatic drinking system, on-rail hopper feeding system, pan feeding system, manure removal system, harvesting chicken system, ventilation system, etc.

FAMtech engineers have years of experience in manufacturing broiler chicken cages. Best-quality materials are used to build a strong and durable battery cage. The structure is proved to be quite sustainable in so many years of market sales and feedback from customers across the world. The customization service meets the needs and specific requirements of clients. 

Broiler chicken cage size

To make broiler chickens gain more weight and reduce the breeding time, the average space of broilers is limited which forces the chicken to move less and brings a high conversion rate of feed. FAMtech designed two kinds (A type and H type)3 models of broiler chicken cages. 

broiler chicken cage dimensions
drawing of a type and h type broiler cage

A type broiler cage

A type broiler cage has the advantage of a simple structure, easy manure cleaning, and easy maintenance.

TiersCell Size (mm)Set Size (mm)Chicken Capacity

H type broiler cage

Single-side feeding type takes up less floor area and has a simple structure. It is only suitable for broiler chicken breeding. Only one side of the broiler cage has the feeding through. The other side is left especially for the convenience of placing and removal of broilers. Two rows of chicken cages can enjoy one same feeding machine which can save the equipment cost.

H type single side feeding3-tier4-tier
Capacity/set90 birds120 birds
Cage size(cm)150*100*220150*100*269
Cell size (cm)150*100*49150*100*49
Cell capacity30birds/cell30 birds/cell
Area/bird (cm2)500500

 Advanced H type broiler cage

The advanced H type broiler cage is suitable for raising both broilers and pullets. It can be equipped with an automatic broiler harvesting system. No matter the ordinary management and the harvesting work can be done with a minimum workforce. The cost of labor and management is greatly saved.

Advanced H type broiler cage3-tier4-tier
Capacity/set72 birds96 birds
Cage size(cm)160*125*285160*125*325
Cell size (cm)85*62.5*4385*62.5*43
Cell capacity12 birds/cell12 birds/cell
Area/bird (cm2)442.7442.7

A type broiler chicken cage design

A type broiler chicken cage

H type single side feeding broiler cage

H type single side feeding broiler cage

advanced h type broiler chicken cage design

Advanced H type broiler cage

45 days chicken cage design features

When designing the 45 days chicken cage, FAMtech optimizes the structure to give the broilers modest space to gain more weight. The automatic feeding, drinking, manure removal, and ventilation system all contribute to the faster growth of the chickens. One cycle of broiler harvesting can even be less than 45 days, some may be early on 42 days. FAMtech broiler cages are dedicated to balancing weight gain and meat quality. It turns out the scientific design not only benefits the broiler growth, but also the cost saving of energy, labor, and management. 

Bottom net

The design and material of the bottom net of the chicken cage are essential to the growth of broilers. A sturdy, elastic, and sanitary bottom net can effectively prevent the hematoma of chicken breast, reduce coccidiosis and lower the death rate. The chicken manure can drop through the leak and will not be accumulated. 

Cage door

As we have two models of broiler cages, there are two kinds of designs for the cage door. Both of the cage doors can be smoothly opened by one hand to make chicken catching much easier. The difference lies in the direction of the opening. One is a pull-up, and the other is sliding. 

Water supply

The drinking line is automatically controlled. The water pipe is height adjustable to adapt to the chickens from the chick to the end day of the cycle. 

Feed supply

The spiral device transports the feed from the silo outside to the automatic trolley which will spread the feed evenly into the feeding trough. The process is fully automated.

Automatic chicken harvesting system 

The broiler cage can be equipped with an automatic harvesting system which greatly improves the working efficiency and saves the cost of labor.

Ventilation system

Cooling pads and exhaust fans ensure the proper temperature and humidity.

Manure cleaning

Automatic manure removal system cleans the manure timely. It can improve the environment of chicken farms and reduce diseases in chickens.

Why choose FAMtech broiler chicken cage 

  • One significant advantage of the broiler chicken cage is the full use of space. In the same size space, the number of broilers raised in cages is at least three times floor rearing. 
  • The whole cage adopts hot-dipped galvanized material that is anticorrosion and has a long service life of at least 15 years.
  • The raising density is high and the management of the chicken farm is efficient and labor-saving.
  • The manure cleaning system keeps the chicken out of contact with the manure. The rate of epidemic disease and death is lowered. It also reduces the pollution of the environment.
  • More cycles of broilers can be harvested than floor housing systems and the profit for farmers is considerable.
  • The ventilation of the battery cage system is easier to control and adjust.