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Broiler House Design For 50000 Birds

broiler house design layout of 50000 birds
  • Chicken house size: L × W × H = 325ft × 44.29ft × 13.12ft (99m×13.5m × 4m )
  • Chicken cage type: H type,4  tiers broiler cage
  • Chicken cage size: 0.85m×2.18m×3.3m
  • Chicken cage layout: 136chickens(1.5kg)/set 107 sets/row  4 rows/house
  • Total capacity of the chicen house: 4*107sets=428sets, 428*136 chikens/set=58208 chickens/house

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broiler house design of 50000 birds
broiler house design of ventilation

Type of the chicken house for broilers

Closed-type chicken house for broilers is the most common type to see. The walls and roof can use insulation materials such as polyurethane, polystyrene, and other polymer foams material. The temperature, humidity, ventilation, and light in the chicken house are automatically controlled according to the habit of broilers, which can effectively eliminate or reduce the impact of the unfavorable natural environment on broilers, especially suitable for broiler breeding in extreme temperature seasons such as summer and winter.

Poultry farm equipment needed

Ventilation: Negative pressure.Vertical and horizontal ventilation combine.  
Heating facilities: special hot blast stoves   
Cooling facilities: wet curtain fans,  
Lighting: Fully artificial and automatic control system  
Feeding: automatic feeding system  
Drinking: automatic drinking system

Structure of the chicken house for broilers


The length of the house depends on the design capacity and topography. It should be determined according to the specific area and span of each chicken house, generally 60-120 meters. 

Large-scale mechanized production chicken houses are generally long. If it is too short, the efficiency will be low, and the utilization rate of the house will not be high. But it should not exceed 120 meters to ensure that the temperature difference along the longitudinal sides of the chicken house during longitudinal ventilation does not exceed 3 °C. 


The span of the closed broiler house is generally 9 to 15 meters, the roof adopts a double-slope type, and the height from the ground to the eaves is 2.0 to 2.5 meters.

Wall and roof

Wall and roof can use glass fiber reinforced plastic insulation board with a thickness of 10-15 centimeters.


Install a small ventilation window every 4-6 meters on the longitudinal side wall of the chicken house, and install a side fan on one side wall, every 25 meters. A fan that matches the area of the chicken house is installed on the gable wall near the dirty road, and cooling pads for cooling systems are installed on the gable wall and side of the clean road. 


The ground inside the house adopts a concrete floor with a thickness of 5-10 cm, which is 30 cm higher than the ground outside the house.

The layout of the poultry house for the broiler

The layout of the house is generally divided into three types: the ground-level chicken house and the slatted floor chicken house, and the battery cage system for broilers. 

Floor-level chicken houses generally do not have special walkways. This layout has a high utilization rate of houses and is mostly used by chicken farms equipped with mechanical feeding systems (feed lines) and automatic drinking water systems (water lines).  

The slatted floor chicken house can generally adopt the form of two rows and three aisles. The width of the aisle is about 1 meter, and the height of the two beds is 50 cm above the ground. Plastic nets are placed on the transverse cement beams and longitudinally tensioned steel wires to form the bed surface.