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Everything About BV380 Cage

What is a BV 380 cage?

BV380 cage means layer cages for BV380 chickens, a prevalent chicken breed in many city-states of India. Though there are both the male and the female BV380 chicken. Here it refers to the BV380 hens fed for egg production. So the BV380 cage is also called BV 380 hen cage or BV380 layer cage. Some local people also prefer to name it a high tech chicken cage.

Brief introduction of BV 380 chicken

From the cage name, we can assume how popular the BV 380 chicken is. It is a hybrid chicken developed by Venkateswara Hatchery, an private enterprise in India. The chicken has chocolate brown feathers and produces brown shell eggs. One of the important factors it is widely selected by chicken farmers is its high adaption to the heat and humidity climate conditions. The low input and high egg production also make it popular. 

BV 380 hens introduction        
As a brown egger, the BV380 chicken starts hatching eggs at about 140-148 days. The average egg weight is 61-63 grams. The feed required per egg produced is 150-158 grams. The daily feed requirement is 115-120 grams. According to one local report, the egg-laying capacity of BV-380 is 280-300 eggs per annum

BV 380 cage price

It is noticeable that the BV 380 hens can be more productive if rearing is realized by commercial chicken cages. We understand that some farmers would rather raise chickens in the backyard than in chicken cages since they consider the number of birds to be small. However, we recommend farmers think about it for the productivity of the laying hens. Raise hens in chicken cages can provide with chicken a safe, clean environment. The nipple drinker and feeding equipment guarantee an uninterrupted supply of food and water. Not to mention the feed-saving effect. Some of the new starters may have concerns about the price. The BV 380 cage price is cheap in China. As a professional battery cage supplier, FAMtech offers BV-380 chicken cages and related equipment at the most competitive price. 

Typical BV380 cage design

A type BV 380 chicken cage farm
A type  chicken cage designed for BV 380 hens

A ladder structure with stackable cages on two sides that forms an “A” shape is one typical design of a BV380 chicken cage. It makes sure good ventilation for the point of laying hens. There is no overlapping of the bottom net and the manure from the upper deck won’t fall on the chickens below. This also eases the trouble of manure cleaning and removal. Chicken farmers can choose to let the chicken manure directly falls on the ground and cleans it up or dig a trench and use machines to clean the manure. Besides, the egg rolling slope is convenient for egg collecting and can reduce the occurrence of an egg breaking. The A type BV380 cage is hot in India. It has many advantages such as easy structure, easy installation, and easy observation. The material for BV 380 cage is durable and has a life span of at least 20 years. Hot galvanized or cold galvanized steel can be selected. 

High tech chicken cage for sale

FAMtech is a Chinese leading supplier of poultry farm equipment. The hi-tech BV 380 chicken cage can meet the demands of intensive rearing which helps farmers gain more profits.   

high tech chicken cage structure

The cage system includes a chicken cage, 3MM U-type galvanized steel shelves, a white PVC water pipe, a pressure regulator valve, a nipple drinker, white PVC feeding trough. There is the flexible auxiliary equipment for farmers to choose from depending on their specific needs. Optional equipment includes the automatic feeding machine, automatic egg collecting machine, and automatic manure cleaning machine.

Dimensions of hi-tech BV380 cage

FAMtech not only supplies typical A type hi-tech chicken cages but also offers H type chicken cages for BV380 hens. Compared to the A type chicken cage, the H type chicken cage can save more space and corresponding save investment in land. Besides, the structure is strengthened so it lasts longer. H type layer cage must be facilitated by an automatic manure cleaning system. The manure removal belt will transfer and discharge the chicken manure timely which reduces the ammonia gas and leaves the chicken in a better living condition. The laying hens are not easy to get diseases.

A type BV 380 cage for sale
A type layer cage 3-tier dimension

3-tier layer cage (A type)

TypeCapacityCage size (cm)Cell sizeCell capacityDoorArea /bird(cm2)
A type 3 tiers120 birds/set215*230*15043*41*414 birds/cell4 doors440.75

4-tier layer cage (A type)

TypeCapacityCage size (cm)Cell sizeCell capacityDoorArea /bird(cm2)
A type 4 tiers160 birds/set215*230*15043*41*414 birds/cell4 doors440.75
H type layer cage farm project
H type layer cage 3-tier dimension

3-tier H type layer cage

TypeCapacityCage size (cm)Cell sizeCell capacityDoorArea /bird(cm2)
H type 3 tiers120 birds/set180*100*22045*50*415 birds/cell4 doors450

4-tier Hype layer cage

TypeCapacityCage size (cm)Cell sizeCell capacityDoorArea /bird(cm2)
H type 4 tiers160 birds/set180*100*22045*50*415 birds/cell4 doors450