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How Much Does The Poultry Farm Equipment Cost?

How much does the poultry farm equipment cost? The poultry farm equipment mainly refers to the equipment used for raising chickens. As the market for chicken farming is growing, the demand for poultry farm equipment especially the automatic poultry farm equipment is rising. Farmers who invest in this business are concerned about the price of the poultry farm equipment. First, what poultry farm equipment is used?

poultry farm equipment cost price

Brooding Equipment

Brooder cages

The brooding stage is the most critical period in a chicken's life. At present, the four-tier chicks cage is widely used at home and abroad. The battery brooding cage used has two types: electric heating and non-heating.

Brood warmer

When the chicks are raised on the slatted floor or the ground, the adoption of electric heating brooding umbrella can improve the constitution and survival rate of chicks.

Chicken Cages

According to the type of chicken breeding, the chicken cages can be categorized into layer cage, pullet cagechick cage, broiler cage, etc. According to the structure of chicken cages, there are A type chicken cage and H type chicken cage. 

A type chicken cage

The advantages of A type chicken cage: The open area of each cage is large, the ventilation is good, and the illumination is uniform. The structure is relatively simple and easy to maintain. The disadvantage is that the stocking density is low.

H type chicken cage

Each tier of H type chicken cages is vertically overlapping. There is a conveyor belt between the layers to remove the chicken manure. Its advantages are high house feeding density, greatly reducing the floor area of chicken farms, and improving the production efficiency of breeders. However, the requirements for chicken house construction, ventilation equipment, and manure cleaning equipment are higher.

Drinking system

There are different types of drinkers for chickens such as the drinker nipple, drinking cup, etc.

Feeding system

In the breeding of chickens especially the large-scale chicken farms, feeding is the most labor-consuming work. Famers always choose automatic feeding systems to improve their efficiency. The feeding system mainly includes a feed storage silo, the transporting machine, the feeding machine, and the feeding trough.

Manure removal system

The manure removal system in the chicken shed can be done by labor or machines. Typical machines used has two types. One is the scrapper machine which uses scrappers to clean up the manures in the ditch or on the ground below slatted floors. The other is the automatic manure removal system. This type of manure removal system uses manure belt bearing and delivering the manures outside of the chicken house.

Climate control system

  • Lighting system
  • Ventilation system
  • Cooling pad and exhaust fan cooling system

Hatch equipment

  • Incubator
  • Hatcher
  • Workbench
  • Brooder lamp
  • Other hatching equipment

Chicken farm equipment cost

When talking about the chicken farm equipment cost, it is not a fixed price that can be directly given. Because the cost of chicken farm equipment is influenced by several factors such as types of chicken cages, the type of drinking, feeding, and chicken manure equipment the farmers choose. What’s more, the space of the chicken farm and the number of chickens will have a great impact on the total cost. 

As the poultry farming business is an intensively competitive market, the price of poultry farm equipment is constantly lowering. Take 50000 chicken layers for example. The estimated cost price of poultry farm equipment for 5000 layers is about 179,760 dollars (about 1200,000 CNY).

Layer cage, automatic feeding system, and automatic manure removal system, count for about 134,820 dollars, which is about 2.7 dollars for each bird. 

Electric generator(5KW) is about 7,490 dollars.

Refrigeration and heating equipment, septic, certificate handling, and others, 29,960 dollars.

Water and electricity installation cost, 29,960 dollars.

The above cost is just an estimation. If you are interested in buying poultry farm equipment and making a profit in this business, contact us directly or send us an email with the number of birds you plan to raise. Our sales will give you a free quote on your requirements.